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Acai Soft Serve Machine - Tecsoft E315

The genuine Brazilian article, the Tecsoft E315 is made exclusively in Brazil, by Brazilians. It was designed from the ground-up to specialise in making effortless Acai bowls at the perfect temperature and consistency every time.

The Tecsoft E315:

  • Can produce up to 350 serves of Acai per hour(200g per serve – a standard Acai bowl)
    • Has an 11L capacity.

With simple and effective controls, the Tecsoft does everything you need a high-quality, high-production Acai machine to do.

The Tecsoft is perfect for high production volumes of Acai – only 450mm wide x 768mm long x 820mm high, it is compact and solidly built, with high-quality parts. This machine is a workhorse!

Premium, pure and healthy Acai served perfectly, quickly and effortlessly – try it out and come join us in our new Acai concept!

The product is vegan, gluten and dairy free.