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Acai Soft Serve Machine - Gel Matic Giotto 11

An Italian classic, with a state-of-the-art modern interface – the Giotto effortlessly produces bowls of premium Acai at the perfect consistency and temperature. Its intelligent interface helps you every step of the way, from serving through to servicing.

The Giotto 11:

  • Can produce up to 90 serves of Acai per hour(200g per serve – a standard Acai bowl)
    • Has a 6.5Lmix tank with a 1.5L freezing chamber.

With an easily-visible soft touch screen interface, keeping tabs on how much you have ready to go couldn’t be simpler.

The Giotto is the perfect countertop solution for busy vendors – only 300mm wide x 700mm long x 780mm high, it takes up minimal space and is classically Italian in its styling, with smooth sophisticated lines. It even comes in a range of different colours!

Premium, pure and healthy Acai served perfectly, quickly and effortlessly – try it out and come join us in our new Acai concept!

The product is vegan, gluten and dairy free.