Premium Cupuacu Puree 3.6kg Tub
Brullen i26 – Acai Soft Serve Machine

Baby Brullen
Acai Soft Serve Machine

Introducing our latest serving option for perfectly-textured Acai any time – the Baby Brullen soft serve maker! A perfect option for cafes, smoothie bars or vendors who need Acai quickly on demand, the Brullen effortlessly produces perfect Acai bowls, cups or cones at the perfect temperature and texture every time.

The Baby Brullen:
• Can produce up to 100 serves of Acai per hour (80g per serve)
• Has a 6L mix tank with a 1.5L freezing chamber.

Kings Acai Australia offers premium Acai puree in a perfectly-sized 7L tub which fits completely within the Brullen – no half-finished containers or having to use more than you need – just empty it into the Brullen and let it work its magic! With an easily-visible soft touch screen interface, keeping tabs on how much you have ready to go couldn’t be simpler.

The Brullen is the perfect countertop solution for busy vendors – only 210mm wide x 554mm long x 740mm high, it takes up minimal space and is stylishly modern in design. With a range of trial options available, there is no need for any long-term commitment or up-front investment.

Premium, pure and healthy Acai served perfectly, quickly and effortlessly – try it out and come join us in our new Acai concept!

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