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Kings Acai Australia is an established company that works directly with the food industry in Victoria. Our main customers are cafes, restaurants, smoothie bars, supermarkets, delis, gyms and health stores – though we welcome working with any establishment that is interested in stocking our amazing Acai.

Kings Acai Australia is an exclusive distributor of Fruta Mais brand premium Acai in Victoria, Australia. Our Acai comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil direct to Australia and is certified to all Australian import standards and internationally to FSSC22000. Our import partner has distributors in every state in Australia.

Having an independent Acai distributor in each state provides an opportunity for all of us to work closely with our key clients to ensure they receive the local service they deserve. We partner and work closely with local Australian-owned and operated businesses to provide unique product serving options to our clients.

We pride ourselves on organised logistics and manage our supply chain to ensure that our clients receive regular service in a way that suits their own sales patterns. We are flexible to the needs of all our clients, from the largest supermarkets to the smallest coffee shops.

Acai Puree is becoming more and more of a trend every day. Kings Acai Australia is very proud to offer the most premium Acai you can find in Australia.

Kings Acai Australia are happy to introduce our acai for you to experience the difference. You will be impressed with its rich flavour, vibrant colour and smooth texture. Give us a call!

The Brazilian behind the wheel!

Ola amigos, my name is Erika. I am a Brazilian native living in Melbourne and I would like to tell you how I got involved with Acai in Australia.

When I became pregnant in 2018, one of my wishes was to eat ACAI. So, I went to the local supermarket and bought an Acai sachet, the only Acai I could find. I went home and had to read the instructions how to use it because it was my first time even holding an Acai sachet (not kidding! Maybe because I have been living overseas for about 12 years and never saw a sachet in Brazil before).

With anticipation, I blended it up and WOW…I hated it!! It had so much water, had a strange consistency and I didn’t like the flavour at all (sorry for those that like sachets, everyone is different!). I went to sleep frustrated because I could not have it ‘posted’ from Brazil, obviously!!

But…then, after a few days I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I found the Acai from Fruta Mais in Melbourne. I didn’t hesitate for a second and ordered a tub. Now that was the WOW…WOW…WOOOW…that I was expecting! I am on the other side of the world eating the same Acai puree that I would find in any supermarket in Brazil!

Myself and my amazing partner were looking for a business opportunity to invest in – I didn’t think twice – ACAI WOULD PERFECT, especially because I have never found anything better than the Fruta Mais brand in Australia. I was happy, I was excited! I was literally eating Acai every day! Then I started Kings Acai Australia!

OUR SUCCESS is the amazing feedback that I have had from all of my customers. I am happy to say that I have on board one big franchise in Melbourne, plenty of cafes and now – independent IGAs, Foodworks, delis, health stores, smoothie bars and gyms. I have had days that I have driven over 170km visiting customers. Yes, I sometimes spend all day behind the wheel!!

Frequently, Kings Acai Australia receives private messages asking where our product can be found in Melbourne/Victoria and OMG…you guys should see my smile. IT IS BIG!!

It means that my Aussies mates are falling in love of the concept of having Acai straight from the tub. ‘SCOOP’ | TAP | SPRINKLE’, can it be any easier or more delicious than that?

I am forever grateful to my mother for teaching me how to be a persistent person and never give up in life, so here I am. I planted the seed and with good faith, it is growing, it is blooming! Thank you – Gracias to all my family and friends that are taking this ride with me.

Let’s embrace Healthy Purple Living!!
Gracias Amigos!
Erika Antico Sanchez

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